10 Wildly Inappropriate Onesies from Etsy

It's amazing what you find when shopping for "funny onesies" on the web. Here are 10 of the most inappropriate onesies we've found

Parents have ultimate control when it comes to dressing their babies. I’ve been thinking more and more about this as I get closer to my due date, and as I start to gather the elements of what I hope will be an adorable wardrobe for my little guy. But in my searching, I have been baffled by some of the ridiculous things I’ve seen. I’ve never been a fan of shirts with stupid sayings on them to begin with, but onesies with stupid sayings on them are just on a whole other level. So, of course, I had to round up 10 of them to show you.

Here is a true fact: I couldn’t be friends with anyone who bought any of these onesies non-ironically. (And even then…)

Another fact: All of these onesies are real. They are all available for purchase, and many of these delightful phrases can be found from multiple onesie retailers on Etsy, so don’t feel that you must choose these sellers alone. And it should also be noted that every single one of these onesies comes up when you search for “funny onesies.” Some of them are even referred to as “super funny onesies.”

Oh, they’re funny alright, but not in the way they think.


5 responses to “10 Wildly Inappropriate Onesies from Etsy”

  1. RealTalk says:

    Lady, you need to get the stick out of your ass and see if you can purchase a damned sense of humor somewhere. Sheesh, I’ll be your all KINDS of fun at parties. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  2. Kali says:

    I got 2 horrible onesies gifted to me from my DAD! One was something about being a boobaholic and the other was something about a burping fart machine :s My daughter will never wear them and I’m not entirely sure what my dad was thinking.

    As for the previous persons comment, you don’t need a sense of humour. People need a sense of decency and respect for their children. They aren’t your own personal novelty. They are people too

  3. sir.freddy says:

    The lady has “CLASS” not crass!!! These Items are totally horrible to wear on an innocent child.. Rude rude rude

  4. have 3 children whod NEVER wear these ! says:

    these on innocent children ,when will adults stop tainting them ,,rude and absolutely stupid ,you must have a mentality of zero to ever dress your child in these ,disgusting ,what are they teaching kids …

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