12 Things Every Woman Should Bring to the Hospital

Kate Middleton and I have a ton in common. Balding husbands, extreme morning sickness in our first trimesters, babies due this month… the list goes on and on. You can see here in a post I did on ChickAdvisor why I have concluded that Kate and I should be BFFs.

And now, as I get ready for my trip to the hospital for baby #2, I am packing my bag with some Duchess-worthy items I’m sure K.M. has in her bag as well.  Whether you are a lowly commoner or the woman about to birth the third heir to the throne, the needs are the same: some basic essentials and a few luxury items to reward yourself for the trauma of labour. This is a round up of the top 12 items no Princess (or everyday woman) should head off to give birth without.

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