A Pain Relief Alternative: The Teething Necklace

Photography by teethingnecklace.ca

At almost eight months old, my son just cut his eighth tooth. My girls were early teethers too, but my son does not seem to handle it as easily as they did. I’d been giving him Tylenol when it seemed to be bothering him the most, but when I was talking to my sister-in-law the other day, she recommended another alternative. A teething necklace.

I’d seen these necklaces on kids before, but I had no idea they actually had a purpose. I assumed they were just for looks. There are two types of teething necklaces: hazelwood and amber. Hazelwood has the medicinal property of neutralizing the body’s acidity, which aids in pain relief. Amber has been a natural remedy for pain relief for hundreds of years and is known to improve the body’s immunity.

My sister-in-law is using the amber teething necklace on her son, so that was the one I was going to purchase. The local boutique I went to was out of the amber necklaces but recommended a hazelwood one. I put the necklace on my son in the store to make sure it fit properly, and when we got home, he took a two-hour nap, which he hasn’t done in months. Was it the necklace or was he just tired? I’m not taking the necklace off.

I was concerned about the necklace choking my baby, but was assured that the necklace was designed to break with enough resistance. The necklace must be short enough that the wearer cannot get it to reach his or her mouth.

Teething necklaces are available online and in stores. Teethingnecklace.ca sells hazelwood teething necklaces for $19.95 and amber teething necklaces for $24.95. They offer free shipping to Canada and USA.

Jen Wilson is a married mother of three super-awesome children—two girls and a boy—who range in age from 0-10. She enjoys photography, organizing, reading, TV, and sarcasm. She drinks her coffee black and dreams of one day owning a dishwasher. You can also find her on her blog, Hey Mrs. Wilson, where she has been writing about life in Saskatchewan since 2004.

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  1. Teresa says:

    Great review on the teething necklace! I’m so glad it’s working for you, as much as it did for Tuck. Hooray for epic 2-hour naps!

  2. Thanks for the mention! Glad to hear the necklace helped your little one.

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