7 Beautifully Adorable Ways to Photograph Newborns

Looking for a unique way to photograph your baby? Here are some adorable ideas we love

After seeing so many baby-propped-up-on-his-own-hands, baby-in-arms-of-shirtless-dad, baby-tucked-into-knitted-cocoon and baby-in-giant-floral-headband photos, I wondered if there weren’t some alternative newborn baby shots out there.

Let’s face it, it’s hard for a newborn baby to take a bad photo, especially in her parents’ eyes. But there is definitely a common vocabulary to many newborn photo shoots, and I was convinced I could find some incredible alternatives if I just looked hard enough. I wanted to find photos that also had a sense of humour and that would still make beautiful keepsakes that grandparents would be proud to frame.

And I didn’t have to look all that hard—it turns out there are many non-cheesy newborn photography options!

Here are seven of my favourites. And if you’ve found more fantastic ways to photograph newborns, please share a link (to the original source) below!

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  1. Susie Innes says:

    I like the close-ups of baby features so you can remember exactly how every little part of your baby looked when he or she was first born. See this link:


    for some close-ups.

    Take care,