Three Inspiring Moms Making it Work

From single parenthood to juggling work and triplets, here are three women making motherhood work

Three Inspiring Moms Making it WorkToday’s Canadian mom is quite different from yesterday’s. She’s navigating a brave new world filled with technology and media influences. She’s working more (70 percent of mothers with kids aged three to five are employed, up from 37 percent in 1976), having fewer kids (1.5 kids per woman today, compared to 3.76 about 40 years ago), and having them later in life (in 1982, 23 percent of moms were aged 30 to 39, compared to 45 percent today). She’s fighting to make the world cleaner, greener and safer for her kids. Today’s mother is quite something, and here’s our annual tribute to her, to you, the modern mom.

SuperMom: Jennifer Lofft, Mom to Multiple

SuperMom: Reesa Quilliam, Living with Illness

SuperMom: Jennifer MacCormack, Single and Strong

Toronto-based writer and editor Sydney Loney thought she had her hands full with her 18-month-old son — until she interviewed these three inspiring über-moms.

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