And You Thought Your Name Was Bad…

Hoping she won't have to answer to "Hazel Nutt."

There were many raised eyebrows around our office when we heard the names “Bronx Mowgli” and “Gala Simone,” but after perusing some of the, erm, winners on the BBC’s “Most Unfortunate Names” list, we think perhaps they’re not so bad after all.

While we’re all for having a sense of humour, we can’t help but wonder what some of these parents were thinking when the time came to bestow a lifelong moniker upon their new little babe. Whatever the reasoning, they are names that people are sure to remember; really, who could forget Tim Burr, Hazel Nutt, Paige Turner or Stan Still? They’re just a few of the UK’s most unfortunately named residents, as found by researchers from

Of course, North Americans are not exempt from the unfortunate names list. Researchers also dug through phone records in the U.S. to uncover treasures like Annette Curtain and Bill Board. And from our personal files: while working a newspaper circulation desk in university, one of our interns received calls from both Patti Cake and Donald McDonald.

Do you have a handle that could put this list to shame? We’d love to hear it! And if you’re looking for a little baby naming guidance, we have a few things you should consider.

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