Discover the Most Popular Baby Names by Postal Code

BabyFile highlights popular names by postal code

Giving a child the name they will go by for the rest of their life (unless they follow in Lady Gaga’s footsteps…..does anyone know her real name?) is a nail-biting affair for most parents. With so many possibilities, sometimes it’s easiest to just look around you for baby-name inspiration. Enter BabyFile.

Created by journalist and map-maker Patrick Cain, BabyFile maps the most popular baby names in three major cities across southern Ontario; Hamilton, Ottawa and Toronto. Complete with colorful diagrams and no-nonsense lists, the site gives a general census of the baby-naming trends happening across southern Ontario. It also gives new or soon-to-be parents the opportunity to share their baby-naming stories. (Inspiration from favorite movie characters and the desire to carry on family traditions lead the pack for baby-namers thus far.)

Add your story to this new-parent friendly forum, have a laugh and have a look at what residents in Toronto, Hamilton and Ottawa are naming their babies. Where does your baby’s name fall in on the list?

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