Family Update: Top Baby Names, Healthy Cafeterias, Sperm-Donor Privacy, Sugar Doesn’t Cause Hyperactivity and More

Oliver and Olivia were tops in 2009 in the UK. Hands up if you’re surprised:
Top Baby Names for 2009: Get The Full List (Guardian)

Sometimes, it’s all about presentation:
How Smart Cafeterias Could Fight Obesity (The Atlantic)

Tip #1: A “black hole” isn’t a safe costume idea:
Tips for Keeping Children Safe on Halloween (The Atlanta Journal-Constitution via Parent Central)

Should sperm and egg donors have the right to privacy?
Woman Asks Courts to Grant Parent’s Identity of Sperm, Egg Donors (Parent Central)

It’s been settled—if your child is amped up on Halloween, don’t blame the candy:
Sugar Doesn’t Cause Hyperactivity, It’s All in Your Mind (Babble/Strollerderby)

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