Family Updates: Food Colouring Effects, Living With Autism, Staying Home Sick and More!

What are we teaching our children by giving them extra money when they ask?
Are You Your Child’s ATM? (The Motherlode)

Raising a special needs child is equal parts loss and gain:
A Montreal Writer Pens a Memoir About His Autistic Son (Parent Central)

Real-time family relationships from afar:
• Why I Love Skyping My Daughter (The Globe and Mail)

Eating seafood and eggs while you’re pregnant could equate a more restful first six months post-pregnancy:
Lack of Vitamin B-12 in Pregnancy May Cause Excessive Crying in Babies (Parent Central)

When Junior catches a nasty cold, the Rock/Paper/Scissors war begins!
The Tug of War That Decides Whether Mom or Dad Stays Home With Their Sick Child (The Boston Globe)

Health Canada mandate “pales” in comparison to European and soon-to-be American rules over dyes in food:
• Canada Could Be Alone Not Seeing Red on Artificial Food Colourings (The Star Phoenix)

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