Family Updates: Pregnant and Sexy, Playful Dads and Big Babies

No parent is perfect, not even the Tiger Mom:
Tiger Mom’s Husband -“I agree with 99% of Her Parenting” (ABC News)

People who find their pregnant partner irresistible can breathe a little easier:
Sex is Safe During Normal Pregnancy, Study Shows (Parent Central)

“What they lack in academic authority they make up for in moral authority”:
School Safety Monitors More Mentor Than Muscle (Parent Central)

Mommy is happy when Daddy is being silly:
• Couples Fare Better When Dads Do Playtime, Not Caregiving: Study (The Times Colonist)

Ansel, Imogen and Massimo:
12 Best Baby Names Inspired by Creative Types (Parent Central) (See where CanadianFamily got their Baby Names inspiration from!)

My diaper is bigger than your diaper:
For Babies, Size Means Social Dominance (Strollerderby)

Repeat after me—it’s just a phase:
Brain Scans Show How Teens Are More “Me First” Than Adults (LiveScience)

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