Helpful Fertility Links

There are a number of resources in Canada to help if you're dealing with fertility issues or are considering adoption.

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There’s plenty you need to know when you’re expecting to be expecting. For example, you may want to read up more on getting in shape to get pregnant, or about which fertility treatments you might want to turn to if you need a little help getting pregnant. The following resources can help to fill in some blanks:

When you’re trying to conceive it’s important to track your cycle so you can understand when you are ovulating. Ovulation Calendar is an online tool which helps you do just this, it accurately predicts when you’re ovulating. Phil Druce, Founder of Ovulation Calendar says, “you are 126% more likely to fall pregnant if you monitor your cycles”. Now that’s an incentive!

What Can You Do to Improve Your Fertility? Here’s Some Information to Help You Be Your Healthiest

What Do You Need to Know About Fertility and Fertility Treatments? Lots. Here’s a Start:

If You Go the ART Route, You’ll Need to Find a Fertility Clinic. Here’s a Good Starting Point to Find One in Your Community:

Considering Adoption? There’s A Lot of Information Here:

From health factors that can affect fertility to drugs that increase fertility, we have much more information on conception in our Ultimate Fertility Guide.

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