Infant Massage

While it's important to take a class from a certified instructor to learn safe and effective techniques, you can try some of these moves recommended by Erin Dolan, a registered massage therapist (RMT) at Thrive Massage Therapy in Cobourg, Ont.

Infant MassageAlternating C’s

Make a C shape with each hand and gently grip your infant’s leg at the ankle. Alternately grip and release your hands, slowly moving up the legs towards the hip. The soft tissue of the leg should fill the C of your hand, so that they are being massaged with your whole hand. This technique can be used on arms as well.

Cheek Circles

Use your fingertips to make small circles around your baby’s jaw.

Soothing Back Massage

Sitting on the floor, lay your infant on their tummy between your outstretched legs. Keep gentle contact with your legs so that your child feels secure and cannot roll away. Using your fingertips, gently massage the muscles that run up the sides of the spine in slow circles, working away from the spine (clockwise on the right side of their body, counter-clockwise on the left). Work from the base of the spine up to the shoulders, being careful to stay away from the spine. As you become more confident, you can work both sides at the same time, using larger circles.

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