Pick of the Week: A Journal to Guide You Through Pregnancy

Cover Photography From Chronicle Books

Chronicle Books, in association with editors from Parenting Magazine and author Ziba Kashef, have created a Pregnancy Planner: Essential Advice for Moms-to-Be to help the veteran moms and new moms-to-be navigate their way through the first nine months of motherhood.

The planner is separated into five sections that follow the progression of pregnancy from peeing on the stick to the sixth week of your new baby’s home life: Countdown, Gear, Health, Birth Day and Homecoming.

The planner provides space for reflections on how you’re feeling about each stage of the process. Sidebars provide helpful hints and a “what to expect when you’re expecting” type run-down of what your body and your baby is doing as you both make the journey towards full term.

The planner acknowledges that being pregnant is a unique experience for everyone, but that no one wants to go it alone (and honestly, as much as your partner is there to support and love you through this process, they really can’t know how you feel), so a quote section at the bottom of each page gives insightful, and often humourous advice from “Mom to Mom.”

(Example, Countdown, Week 36, “My doctor says I could have two to four weeks left to go. But, oh, the waddling! It started this week, and I feel like a beached whale as I move from place to place. Dear hubby thinks it’s the funniest thing to watch me try and get up from the couch after watching TV. Glad he’s amused!”)

Anything any mom-to-be ever wanted to know about the changes their bodies go through before and after birth, the tools they need to be prepared for their new arrival, and the food that will keep their bodies healthy is in this planner, coupled with enough space to add in their own “Do and Don’ts” along the way.

The Pregnancy Planner: Essential Advice for Moms-to-Be is available at major book retailers, including Chapters, for $25.

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