Tell Us: How Do You Solve the Swearing Problem?

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Let’s talk about swearing, shall we?

Or, more specifically, let’s talk about when swearing happens at home.

Most likely, this will happen from time to time. And truth be told, depending on what you consider to be a swear word, it may happen altogether too often in your house. There are the typical words that are usually referred to by their letter, such as “the s-word” or “the f-word.” But there are some lesser evils, too—”stupid,” “idiot,” “dumb,” and “shut up” come to mind. Because our children are sponges and they are hearing and picking up on everything, bad words and swears happen. Sometimes the child doesn’t know any better and is simply regurgitating heard words, but sometimes the child is frustrated, angry or upset and throws out a premeditated “You are so stupid!”

So, what’s a parent to do?

We have heard some suggestions, such as coming up with word alternatives for children (and parents) to use instead of bad words. Some parents suggest dropping some coins into a swear jar for every infraction and then donating the money that piles up. Some parents suggest talking to their kids about why they are using these words.

But we have to wonder if any of these methods really solve the swearing dilemma. And here’s where we want to hear from you. What do you do when swears happen at your house? Any great tried-and-true solutions to recommend?



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