Top 10 First Trimester Must-Haves

Every pregnancy is different, but if you're thinking of getting knocked up, I suggest you stock up on at least a few of these

When I could stomach it, herbal tea was a lifesaver in my first trimester. Photography from

I am happily quite beyond the ups and downs (both emotional and physical) of the first trimester of pregnancy. Hooray!

Despite any amount of preparation, there were things that I discovered I couldn’t live without during those three months that I hadn’t been expecting.

Here, then, are my top 10 must-haves for the first trimester. Every pregnancy is different, but if you’re thinking of getting knocked up, I suggest you stock up on at least a few of these.

1. A good bra. It feels like the gravity on your boobs increases by a factor of 100 during the early stages of pregnancy. A good, supportive bra is the only thing that will allow you to continue to move around the world in an upright position. If you’re active, try Shock Absorber Bras.

2. Netflix. No energy means plenty of time to kill on the couch.

3. Collection of herbal teas. You consume less caffeine, obviously, but it’s hard to give up the routine of drinking something warm and comforting in the morning (or afternoon, or whenever). Cycle through some lovely herbal teas instead.

4. Crackers. Oh, happy, bland crackers. Saltines are like magical nausea killers in the morning. Because nausea is often worse on an empty stomach, I kept a sleeve of crackers next to my bed, so I didn’t even have to get vertical (see point 1) to deal with my morning sickness.

5. Prenatal vitamins. These are more of a must-have for the little developing embryo/fetus than me, but they’re especially helpful if, like me, your appetite is shot and you need a little extra help to ensure you’re getting all of the nutrients you both need.

6. Water filter. I was like a camel filling its hump (and still am). And, what can I say? I prefer filtered water.

7. Comforting books and websites. When pregnant for the first time, if you’re anything like me, you wonder at every little change and twinge and pull and so forth. I’d like to believe that it’s normal to be so “aware.” It comforts me. And that’s the name of the game with the resources you use: find things that bring you comfort. Things that reassure you. Things that don’t make you feel like you’re constantly on the verge of a full-blown catastrophe. Do what you need to do to calm your fears (and also: don’t worry so much!).

8. Elastic. Waistbands. I’d like to take a moment to thank Thomas Hancock, the inventor of elastic. Because when you’re only 7 weeks pregnant, but you look like you’re six months pregnant because every type of gas is concentrated in your mid region and you don’t have maternity pants yet, putting on a pair of pants that stretch is like stepping into clouds of happiness and rainbows.

9. Immersion blender. Constant nausea meant nothing but smoothies (and cheese for some reason), and I make smoothies using an immersion hand blender. Combine frozen fruit, yogurt and the juice of your choice and blend until smooth.

10. Panty Liners. One word: leukorrhea. I had no idea.

What couldn’t you live without during your first trimester(s)?

—Megan,’s executive editor and resident pregnant lady

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