Top Eco-Disposable Diapers

One mom compares four top brands to find which one was the best

Top Eco-Disposable DiapersEco-disposables require just as much water, energy and fuel to produce as conventional disposables and don’t biodegrade in landfills. But experts agree that fewer chemicals and no fragrance is better for baby. We asked one mom to compare four top brands to see which stopped leaks the most — 140 dirty diapers later, these are the results (Tested by Sonia Giampietro, mom of eight-month-old Esme, Toronto)

1 Seventh Generation Chlorine Free Diapers, Size 2 (pack of 40), $0.43/diaper
Fragrance-, latex-, TBT- and chlorine-free, with great coverage, a trim fit and a tightly gathered high back band to prevent blowouts. The super-absorbent polymer filling prevents leaking. Performance “The front waistline is low, but the extendable straps really let me pull it in for a tight fit. These work great.” 9/10

2 PC Green Diapers, Size 2 (pack of 60), $0.27/diaper
Fragrance- and dye-free, with a trim-fitting behind. The inner wood pulp is from sustainable forests. Performance “The fit is fantastic, and the absorbency is good. I would definitely buy these again.” 8/10

3 Delora Eco Nappy, Size 2 (pack of 28), $0.71/diaper

Fragrance- latex-, TBT-, dye- and chlorine-free, the wood pulp in the diaper core is from certified renewable forests. Also a good pick for sensitive skin. Performance “It absorbs well, but it sounds like Esme is wearing a garbage bag, as the exterior resembles a plastic bag. The size is very generous, but the elastic around the legs could be a bit tighter.” 6/10

4 Mama Zone Eco-Responsible Diapers, Size 2 (pack of 40), $0.50/diaper
Fragrance-, latex-, TBT-, dye and chlorine-free, these diapers aren’t bulky but have extended coverage and fit snugly. A good pick for babes with sensitive skin. (This line used to be available as Moltex.) Performance “The fit is very generous and the waistline the highest. It’s got a great no-leak absorbency, though the tabs could be stickier.” 8/10

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    Did Mama Zone go out of business?