Top Four Best Baby Naming Sites

Sometimes the best way to name a baby is to wait and see her sweet face.

Even though my sisters and I had been playing the “What will you name your baby” game for years, it wasn’t until the throes of labour that I whittled down the selection. And officially filing my sweet fellow’s name? That took another few months. Granted boy names are harder than girl names, no? But I think if I’d tried the brilliantly addictive naming site Nymbler, things would have gone faster, the naming anyways.

How does it work? You star your favourite names, it makes suggestions accordingly; you select favourites from those suggestions, and the fun continues, and continues and continues. Based on my  picks, they suggested Esme, Lorelai, Ivy and Astrid.

Just in case you have any free time left after that, here are our other top four baby naming sites:

2. For best all-round selection, by popularity, style and origin,

3. Visit to see how your chosen name will look on t-shirts, tattoos and iPhones.

4. Look to for the top babies names globally, listed by country.

Have fun!

PS: Don’t forget to cross-reference our list of the most popular baby names last year and, to be completely superficial, search Google images to see what others with that name look like.

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