UK Twin Saves Her Sister’s Life—In the Womb

Photography by Joelle Inge-Messerschmidt, via Flickr (CC)

If a case of The Mondays has got you down, this story is sure to lift your spirits. According to a report by the UK’s Daily Mail, expectant mother Andrea Goodrich was 20 weeks pregnant with her twin girls when doctors discovered that one of the babies, Kiki, was having heart problems and her placenta was leaking fluid. Goodrich and her husband Paul prepared themselves for the worst. No one could have expected what happened next: the healthy twin, baby Nico, shifted in the womb and acted as a kind of plug, preventing a miscarriage from happening. The twins were born 10 weeks later via an emergency C-section.

Remarkably it was as if Nico sensed something was wrong,” said Goodrich, in an interview with the Daily Mail. “What she did saved Kiki’s life.’

You can read more about this incredible story over at the Daily Mail.

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