Would You Enter a Baby Lottery?

Fertility treatments are expensive, but in many cases they do work. Would you enter into a baby lottery for a chance to increase your chances of conception?

Photography by Mark Ou, via Flickr (CC)

Have you ever bought a ticket for a lottery? Whether you spend $5 trying to win the million in this week’s 649 draw, or $100 trying to win a new home in a charity lottery, there is that tiny glimmer of hope that you might take home the big prize. But what if what you were trying to win wasn’t money or a car, but the chance to have a child? A new lottery in Britain is planning to do just that, according to reports by The Telegraph.

The lottery, associated with the charity To Hatch, offers participants the chance to win £25,000 ($38,000 CAD) in fertility treatments. Ticket sales are not limited to couples only—anyone can purchase a ticket and simply pass along the prize to family or friends if they win. Like so many charity lotteries before it, profits from ticket sales will be directed back to To Hatch, an “online fertility community and advice clinic” offering help to those who struggle with fertility issues.

Let’s be honest: IVF treatments are not cheap. To bring the issue a bit closer to home, while IVF funding is available in the province of Quebec, for many couples across Canada who struggle with fertility issues, IVF and other fertility treatments are simply not an option due to the high cost involved. Perhaps if these couples found themselves with a $38,000 windfall from a winning lotto ticket, they’d spend that money on IVF anyhow—so why not purchase a ticket that would give them the option to win something that they so desperately want?

On the flip side of this issue, critics argue that presenting IVF as a lottery prize may trivialize what is for many couples a very emotional and painful issue. And the chance to create a human life is not something that you just roll up the rim to win.

The lottery will launch at the end of July, with tickets set at £20 ($30 CAD) each.

What do you think about To Hatch’s lottery plan? Would you ever enter this kind of lottery?

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