5 Tips for Keeping Kids Safe at the Water Park

Photography by Scott Ableman, via Flickr (cc)

My family is going on vacation this summer to a spot with a water park. My girl is positively giddy with anticipation.

As any parent knows, it’s crucial to supervise kids in, on and around water and stay within sight and reach—lifeguards are great, but they should not be considered supervision for your child. But all these rules also hold true for water parks where kids can get caught up in all the things to see and do and forget even the most basic water safety rules.

I got in touch with Gail Botten, water safety adviser with the Canadian Red Cross, who laid out a few water park tips for parents to ensure a safe and enjoyable time for the entire family.

Read the rules. All water parks should have a general set of security regulations for you to follow.

Watch your children and ensure they are on appropriate water rides for their body weight and height.

Read and obey the posted rules on how to sit or lie on each particular slide.

Ensure there are lifeguards in close proximity, and preferably one at the top and bottom of the slides.

Ensure there is a First Aid station at the water park.

We’ll be following all these rules with my daughter where we are going. And of course, reapplying sunscreen regularly and making sure she stays hydrated ’cause I know she’ll be begging us to spend all day there.

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—Robin, CF’s executive editor




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