Get Your Teens Reading: For Free!

Scrap the image of an airbrushed, bare-chested man with hair blowing in the wind; Harlequin isn’t just for moms anymore. In August of 2009, Harlequin launched their Harlequin Teen line featuring novels set in  “contemporary, paranormal, fantasy, science-fiction and historical worlds,” aimed towards readers between the ages of 13 and 17.

If your teen is hooked on the Harry Potter and Twilight series, the Harlequin Teen line is sure to offer them a new magical and romantic world to get lost in.

For example, Julie Kagawa’s series, The Iron Fey, is about a small-town girl who discovers that her father is the Summer King a magical world. Sixteen-year-old Meghan is half-human, half faery princess which is sure to cause trouble when she falls for a young prince in Faery land. Check out the first three chapters of The Iron King for free!

The best part? Harlequin Teen novels are about $10 to $15 per book, sometimes less.

Teens can also sign up to participate in the Harlequin Teen Panel where they can get free Harlequin Teen books, be entered in contests (with your permission) and take part in panel discussions with other teens about the books they’re reading and the books they want to read.

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