Magali Enrico


What the nominator said:

Madame Enrico is a fun, organized and devoted teacher. The fundamentals are always covered in unique and often humorous ways. She organizes more field trips than most and applies academic skills to real life experiences. Emphasis is on co-operation, acceptance and respect. She incorporates a variety of mixed media to make the curriculum interesting and even uses microphones in class to assist quieter shy children, such as my twin daughters. Although my 10-year-old girls have been fortunate to have had many good teachers, this Grade 4 French immersion teacher stands out as exceptional. I feel that recognizing this level of preparation and teaching is important, and she is the kind of teacher who would make the most of a gift of classroom materials to foster learning in an enriched setting. French immersion is a stressful environment with high academic expectations and a program like that of Mme Enrico’s has made it seamless and inspiring for the children and parents.

If you win, how will you allocate the Teacher Awards prize money?:

I will buy laptops for the class.

Something you may not know about me?

I have four sisters and three brothers and four of them are teachers. And I came to Canada as a nanny for one year (from France) to learn English after graduating university. Twenty-eight years later I am still here…