6 Tips for Being a Great Parent Volunteer

Photo by UNC-CFC-USFK via Flckr (CC)

So you want to be a classroom parent? Virginia Diemert, a Kindergarten teacher at Dufferin Elementary School in Owen Sound, Ont., gives us her advice.

In the Classroom
1. Develop a rapport with the children. A friendly smile is usually a great first step.

2. Maintain confidentiality. Remember, the students don’t have a choice about you being there, so don’t share private information.

3. Keep your relationship with the teacher professional, not personal.

At Home
1. Ask the teacher for work that can be done at home, like stapling Scholastic book order forms, cutting out name tags or making play dough.

2. Join the parent council—it’s a time commitment of usually just one night a month.

3. The best things you can do for your child is to be present when they need your help. Give them your undivided attention when they want to read to you or need help with a credit.

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