9 Simple Ways to Help the Planet

Doing your part for the planet is easier than you think! Check out these simple tips that you can try today


Are you ready for Earth Day? While we look forward to the annual celebration of our planet, the lessons that we learn about protecting and appreciating our environment are important to remember all year long. To help, we’ve compiled a few reminders. They all sound simple, but you’d be amazed how often these easy things are overlooked. Remember that every bit helps!

Turn off lights when not in use.

Try this: Plan a surprise “black-out.”

Announce to the family that it’s time for a black-out, and ask everyone to turn off all of the lights and appliances that your family has on. You’ll be surprised how much you actually have going at any given time, and how many lights are on in rooms that no one is in or using. It’s a great way to get an idea of (and teach the kidlets about) how much energy your family is wasting on a regular basis.

Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth.

This saves about 36 gallons of water per day, per person! And you don’t need it on while you’re brushing…like at all.

Fill up the bathtub only half full, or take showers instead.

We know sometimes you just need a soak and we don’t want to take that away from you. You just don’t need to do it in a full tub, or every single day. A 5-minute shower uses about a third of the water of a bath and can save 13 gallons of water.

Use both sides of your paper

And buy recycled paper products whenever possible. There are all kinds of adorable eco-paper products, and we particularly love the ones from Night Owl Paper Goods, located in “Owlabama,” and available to order online.

Turn old greeting cards into gift tags

With a little time, a little elbow grease and some creative cutting and pasting.

Save gift bags

And reuse wrapping paper, tissue paper, craft paper, paper bags and even plastic bags and newspaper as wrapping. We’re also really loving the trend of wrapping gifts in fabric that can then be reused over and over and over again.

Donate gently used items.

Toys, books, magazines, household items and clothing can be easily donated to organizations that help people in need, thrift shops, consignment shops, schools, daycares and libraries.

Reduce food waste

And save your uneaten food for a meal of leftovers the next day. Check out these 10 delicious leftover ideas.

Use cloth bags

For groceries, lunches and other excursions. There are even reusable bags for produce: we love the options from Cool Earth Products.

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