“About Her” Will Change the Way You Think About Breast Cancer

With the arrival of October comes an array of pink-toned merchandise for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. And while we’re all for pink nail polish and pink M&Ms, the truth is that this month isn’t just about buying pink swag—it’s about awareness and education. So if you do one thing to mark Breast Cancer Awareness Month, let it be this: watch About Her, a new documentary from Rethink Breast Cancer.

If you thought that breast cancer wasn’t something that you needed to give much thought to until later in life, this documentary will change your perspective. Because breast cancer isn’t just a disease that affects post-menopausal women, the truth is that it can happen to anyone at any time. And in some cases, it can be very aggressive.

Each of the nine women featured in About Her were diagnosed with HER2+ breast cancer before the age of 40. Some of them are mothers. Some are wives. All are fighters. The one-hour film, directed by Canadian filmmaker Phyllis Ellis, shares the powerful stories of these women through candid interviews that show their grace and humour, sadness and anger, as they battle the disease. You can view the trailer for the film below.


About Her airs tonight at 7 p.m. EST on W Network. It will also be the closing film at this year’s Breast Fest Film Festival, which runs from November 18th to 20th at the Royal Ontario Museum.

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