Advice, Please! Best Birth Control for Moms?

Has anyone tried the Canadian-made Diva Cup?

Okay, so, like, at 2:43 p.m. yesterday I totally went back to high school. Psst, I emailed a coworker, do you have a tampon?

You’d think that in an office of 99 percent women, there would be a Doritos vending machine in the kitchen, milk for our Kashi (so the new Kellogg’s Special K) and tampons in the washroom. But, no.

I’d been thinking, blindly hoping, natch, that my period would never return. At the six month mark? Nothing? My return to work? Nothing. But at 18 months my son moved to the toddler room, and I have to start spending more time in the bathroom.

Flash forward to me trying to remember how a Tampax works—I was always an o.b. kind of girl—whether it’s flushable and how this whole menstruation thing will last. (As a side-note, how is the “personal hygiene” industry so antiquated that anything would be available that isn’t flushable/biodegradable.)

So, what are the kids doing these days? And by kids, of course I mean young 20-somethings. Have tampon vending machines gone the way of payphones? Do moms use birth control pills? Oh, the questions. Sure, I should be asking my doctor, but that would mean not routinely rescheduling my physical. And I prefer the word of mom.

My friend who supplied me with a tampon is an optimist: “Oh, you’re working again!” The thing is, I don’t really want to be “working.” I have enough to do already without stocking up on menstruation supplies or dealing with another baby. The only upside I see is that it may mean I don’t need to cut back on cheese, I’m just bloated.

I’ve heard bad things about Mirena, but do wonder about IUDs. What birth control strategy works, or maybe more importantly, hasn’t worked for you? Please share!

—Melissa, CF‘s lifestyle editor

PS: Sometime post-labour, a friend gifted me this menstrual cup (pictured above). If you’ve tried it, let me know if it’s worth trying to figure out where I put it.

UPDATE! The Diva cup is brilliant. But how does the 28-or-so days between cycles go so fast? My GP has referred me to my OBGYN for an IUD appointment, her recommendation. (She’s brilliant, and he was my charming delivery doctor, so I’m sold.) Unfortunately, my need for an IUD has been rather low as of late, so chances I’ll reschedule the appointment are very, very high.

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