6 Makeup Must-Haves for Busy Moms

Photography by Michael Alberstat

Having trouble finding time to “put your face on” in the morning? Between packing lunches and planning carpools, we know your make-up routine might not be one of your top priorities. We asked Eric Jimenez, retail director for edgy cosmetics brand Urban Decay and a world-famous make-up artist, how busy moms can beatify in a hurry and make their look last all day.  Here are his tips for going from sleepy to stunning in five minutes:

• After cleansing and moisturizing your face, use a complexion primer to help your foundation and concealer last longer.

• After applying foundation, skip the eye shadow and focus your eyelashes instead. Jimenez is a big believer in the power of mascara to wake up your looks. “Going out without your mascara is like going out without your handbag,” he says. He suggests using a Lash Primer to give your lashes and even longer, thicker look.

• If you skin tends to get shiny, use a finishing powder or matting gel to sop up excess oil and leave your skin looking smooth all day. These are both great products to keep in your gym bag if you need to freshen up quickly after a workout.

• If you want a bit of colour in you complexion, dab a bit of cream blush on your cheekbones. It is easier to blend than powder blush, and lasts longer.

• Keep lip gloss in your purse or pocket to perk up your lips during the day, but be sure to pick a colour that looks natural. Not sure what your natural lip colour is?  Jimenez suggests giving yourself a pout in the mirror.  The colour behind your lips (so, in your mouth) will always suit your complexion.

• After you’re finished your make-up routine, give your face a few spritzes of a setting spray.  This will prevent your foundation from settling into lines or getting caked and will keep your make-up looking fresh for up to 16 hours.

Do you have quick makeup tips? Tell us below!

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