Cottage or Camping Hair Tips

Want to have the best hair on the camp grounds this long weekend? Or want to tame your child's locks? These tips will help!

Whether you are dockside or fire side this long weekend, fretting about your hairstyle (or your kids’) and spending hours trying to harness your mane should be the least of your concerns.  Pantene Consulting Stylist, Justin German, shares his secrets when it comes to ‘roughing’ it cottage style with these time saving hair tips.


Tip: Embrace the Sun


“Adding a dab of conditioner to your hair before heading into the lake or sitting out in the sun offers protection from the elements. Additionally, the conditioner can also act as a styling agent since it is activated by the heat from sun. Let the rays do the work as the conditioner supercharges the moisture and keep tresses manageable all weekend long.”


  • After your morning shower or dip in the lake, add conditioner to your locks
  • Squeeze a small drop of conditioner into your hands and rub them together so you can evenly distributed the product within your tresses
  • Leave the conditioner in your hair to protect your strands throughout the day
  • Put your hair in braids and let them air dry throughout the day
  • When the sun goes down, let those braids loose and viola – ultimate evening hair

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Tip: Keep it simple


“Try a messy updo or a simple ponytail so you aren’t constantly having to reach for product or worry about your locks. Use a BB crème when you go camping or cottaging. It is the perfect all-in-one product for shine, protection, frizz and more, so you don’t need a convoy just for your supplies.”


  • Put hair in a high ponytail
  • Take BB crème and warm it up in your hands to activate the product and make it more pliable for use
  • Apply BB crème to tame flyaways and keep hair in place
  • Reapply product in the evening or when you’re heading back inside to top up your beverage to keep strands hydrated

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Tip: Let Hair Curl While You Sleep

two buns

“Free yourself from your usual routine of heated tools. Luxurious curled locks are easy to achieve with minimal prep time. One of my ultimate time saving tips works while you’re getting you’re asleep.”


  • Before heading to bed, pile a loose bun on top of your head and then another bun in middle of your head. Separating the buns will allow for an even distribution of curls
  • In the morning, unleash the buns
  • Spray hair with Airspray for a flexible hold that will have lots of natural movement
  • Separate the hair with a wide tooth comb

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