Helpful Hangover Cures

Look your best when you feel your worst with these tips and products

  • Helpful Hangover CuresChamomile and peppermint can soothe the inside as well as the outside. Drink them in teas to settle an upset stomach and find them in eye creams to de-puff and refresh tired eyes.
  • Alcohol will dehydrate you, which will make you feel sluggish and is one cause of your hangover headache and ruddy, morning-after complexion. Drink lots of water and avoid acidic drinks like coffee or juice. Better yet, while you’re out, prevent yourself from over-indulging by alternating alcoholic beverages and water.
  • Get happy! Once you’re rehydrated, go for a walk with the kids or take a yoga class. This will boost endorphins, the chemicals in your brain that elevate your mood.
  • The easiest way to look pulled together when you feel anything but is a wide-brimmed hat or oversized black sunglasses paired with a bright red lip. You’ll have everyone wondering who the neighbourhood glamour gal is.

Detox Program
At this time of year, stress, pollution and the cold winter air can wreak havoc on skin. Biotherm Hydra-Detox Bio-Defensis Moisturizing Detoxifying Mask, $37, moisturizes, fortifies skin’s natural protection barrier and helps skin neutralize and eliminate toxins. Use this mask once a week for an intense treatment. Especially good for dry or combination skin.

Lighten Up
Holiday-season activities usually mean getting less sleep than you’re used to, so protect your peepers with Maybelline New York Instant Age Rewind Double Face Perfector in Light/Medium, $11. First step: Cover up imperfections and moisturize with the concealer. Second step: Use the highlighter to brighten the eye area.

Lemon Aid
The perfect morning pick-me-up is a citrus-scented body lotion. Dr.Hauschka Lemon Body Moisturizer (pictured), $39, has super-moisturizing olive and jojoba oils to ward off dry skin. Bonus: This venerable skincare brand is known and loved for being free of synthetic perfumes, colours and preservatives.

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