5 Quick Tips to Master the Perfect Lip

Want the perfect pout with little or no effort (or time investment)? We've got 5 tips to get you there (in less than 5 minutes!)

As the winter months start to come to an end and spring is literally around the corner (we promise!), we like to amp up our makeup routine just a wee bit. The problem is, we don’t always have time in the morning—in between getting kidlets ready, making lunches, packing homework and getting out the door—but we still want to give ourselves some beauty time.

Here are a few tips on how to achieve your best pout, on the go from Vanessa Jarman, Professional Make-Up Artist & Beauty Expert. Because…lips are fun to dress up (and lip hydration is key!).

1. Balm, Balm and MORE BALM


Lip great balm (like BLISTEX Soft & Lush) is a product that you can find almost anywhere. Not only easy to find but also sold at a very affordable price. So I say: “STOCK UP!” I like to keep a lip balm in my favourite coat, purse, on my night side table, desk, coffee table and bathroom. This way, applying it throughout the day never starts off with a mission to find it!

Becoming “addicted” to lip balm is actually a myth. So, if you find you need to reapply more throughout the day at certain times of the year, it’s probably due to weather conditions and it’s okay to do so. Pay attention to how your lips feel and medicate/moisturize them as needed. Avoid licking your lips as the saliva from your mouth tends to dry up and crack the skin quicker.

It’s always a good idea to start and end your day with a quick swipe of lip balm. If you’re an open mouth sleeper, including this in your night time routine will help keep your lips moisturized throughout the night. Once you’ve washed your face and brushed your teeth in the morning, start your day off with more balm to help prep your lips before you apply your coloured lip statement.

2. The Statement Lip

woman applying lipstick,close-up

A bright, matte lip was placed all over the runway for this Spring/Summer. In order to rock this look confidently, make sure your lips are smooth and hydrated. This will not only help your lipstick stay in place longer but it’ll also look better.

Prep your lips first with Lip Balm before you start your makeup. This way, your lips will start getting the moisture they need as you paint the rest of your face.

I love the Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour by MAC. This line ranges in 15 pigment packed colours for everyone’s choosing. If you are going to pair any matte-finish lipgloss with a like coloured pencil underneath, I recommend choosing a regular pencil and steering clear of the waterproof formulas. The waterproof formula tends to be a bit to waxy to wear underneath a matte lipgloss formula. I’ve actually noticed that my lipstick lifts off in patches as I speak, eat or press my lips together with combining a waterproof pencil and my liquid matte lipsticks.

3. Dealing with Dry Lips


If you have a lot of dry skin on your lips and need a quick exfoliant, make your own paste at home by combining coconut oil and a gradient sugar. Lightly rub this in a circular motion over the dry areas of your mouth.

4. A minute is all we have sometimes


We all live busy lives and don’t necessarily have the chance to spend much time on our makeup. If lipstick is something you must have on before you leave the house, reach for application-friendly colours. You might want to avoid a very bright colour that would require you to line the shape your lips with a pencil first. Stick to your favourite light and nude tones. Sheer or glossy formulas are also great for when you’re applying your lipstick in a rush!

5. Quick-Application Tip


Smile tightly while holding your lips together (or close enough together) before applying colour. This will tighten your mouth, allowing your application to be precise and quick, without your lips moving all over the place!

Vanessa Jarman is a celebrity favourite, having worked on artists Lady Gaga, Drake, Adam Lambert, Trey Songz and actress Bella Thorne, as well as top models Alana Zimmer, Liisa Winkler, Georgia May Jagger and Irina Lazareanu. Follow her on Instagram @jarmi and Twitter @vanessajarman for lots of makeup tips and tricks.

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