Perk Up Your Look with Rosy Makeup

Perk up your look with spring's perennial makeup colour

Perk Up Your Look with Rosy MakeupIt’s that time of year when everything comes up pink — flowers, dresses and, of course, makeup! “Pink, whether it’s a pale pastel or a shocking hue, always lifts a dull and tired complexion, especially after the harsh winter months,” says Chase Aston, makeup artist for The Body Shop. But to avoid looking like a kewpie doll, follow Aston’s top tips for wearing pink:

  • “Women of all skin tones and ages can wear pink, either as a blush, lip colour and even on the eyes,” says Aston. You just have to find the correct shade of pink. The best way to do this? Go to your favourite cosmetics counter and try on a variety of pinks. However, there are some tried-and-true rules: If you have pale to fair skin, sheer pink blush tones will suit you best, and if you have warm to dark skin, pink with gold and red undertones will flatter you the most (avoid pastel pinks, which can appear chalky on a darker complexion).
  • Don’t use a heavy hand when applying colour. “Go for a soft glow on the cheeks or a sheer, rosy glow on the lips,” advises Aston.
  • When wearing pink eye shadow, avoid wearing it with cool silver or blue shades of makeup, as this can make the eyes appear red. “Instead, use it with soft browns and sheer golds, as these help balance the pink and will keep it from looking too hard,” says Aston.
  • Keep pinks to two key features on the face, warns Aston. “Never wear it on eyes, cheeks and lips all at once.”

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