Simple DIY Nails: Sally Hansen Nail Polish Strips

Photography ©Sally Hansen

My daughter is a nail biter.

Well, perhaps I should take that back. My daughter was a nail biter up until about three weeks ago. She came home from school requesting yet another I-need-to-have-this-right-this-very-second trendy new product: Sally Hansen Nail Polish Strips.

This one was well worth the buy.

Have you seen these? If you haven’t, you should. They take just minutes to apply, last up to ten days and come off easily with nail-polish remover. They are made from real nail polish and are available in more than twenty different colour and pattern options, including colourful flowers, stripes and animal prints.

The only problem is that now my daughter needs to pick up a different bad habit.

Sally Hansen Nail Polish Strips, $10, available at

—Ali, senior associate editor of

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