Bill Gates Wants Good Teachers to Make More Money

We’re big fans of TED. The annual conference never fails to produce some of the most exciting talks—about everything from genetics to bees to comic books—available anywhere online (their video podcast is a must-subscribe!). We were interested to hear what Bill Gates had to say earlier this month about ways he thinks we can change the world. And one of the things he points to is changing the education system so that teachers who do great work are the ones who are rewarded (not just the ones who have a Master’s degree, or who have stuck it out for decades). These sentiments are echoed by our contributing editor Tim Johnson’s piece on page 70 of our March issue, (on news stands now) which explores the ins and outs of merit pay for Canadian teachers.

Watch the video (it’s about 20 minutes), check out the story, and let us know what you think: should teachers be rewarded for doing a good job or simply for doing it for a long time?

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