Bruce Willis’ 5 Rules of Fatherhood

Bruce Willis is father a father of four—three grown-up daughters with first wife Demi Moore, plus a newborn baby girl, Mabel, born earlier this month to his second wife Emma Heming. So, the guy has learned a few things about raising kids (daughters, at least).

Willis graces the cover of the June/July issue of Esquire magazine, and in it, he shares some of his parenthood rules:

1. “Sometimes I have to resist the urge to speak,” Willis says. “I learned it from dealing with my kids. That’s my number-one rule.” Rule in life? “It applies in life,” he says. “But it’s more about being a father. I’d rather hear what they have to say. You learn more by listening.”

2. “Teach them to shun drama.”

3. “Take responsibility for when you are wrong,” he says. “They hear you own up, and they learn to own up.”

4. “You have to give them a code,” he says. “Beginning with things like ‘Don’t bite people.’ That becomes something like ‘It’s not okay to be mean. Ever.’ That was our watchword when the girls were younger.”

5. “I make them laugh. You gotta do the drool-take, gotta make them see that goofiness is still safe. You have to make them laugh at you.”

So: Listen to your kids, avoid drama, take responsibility, don’t be mean and make them laugh. Sounds like a decent foundation to us. Maybe Willis should think about writing a book on parenting. He could call it Cry Hard: Fatherhood the Bruce Willis Way. Or Bruce Willis’ Sixth Sense for Parenting. Or You Can’t Moonlight as a Parent—Bruce Willis on Fatherhood. Or Look Who’s Talking? It’s Bruce Willis! About Fatherhood! Okay, that last one was a stretch.

Come on now, I know there are others—which movies am I missing?

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3 responses to “Bruce Willis’ 5 Rules of Fatherhood”

  1. Jason says:

    The Bruce Willis Hudson Hawk Parenting Approach or how teach kids to learn from their own mistakes.

    Bruce Willis’ Dadageddon – How to save the world one child at a time.

  2. jenwilson says:

    I love Bruce Willis. The end.

    Oh, and The Whole Nine Yards of Parenting.

  3. sadaf masood says:

    I do agree with him. We have to listen to our children first, in order to be heared by them.Be a role model first,they’ll adopt what we want to see in them, inshaAllah.