Great Etsy Find: Calling Cards for Moms On the Go

Image Courtesy of jackandizzy on Etsy

With such a jam-packed schedule, and between shuffling the kids around, keeping some semblance of order at home, making it to work, and fitting in a meal or three somewhere in there, you might sometimes feel like you’re running a bustling corporation. So we think it makes perfect sense to arm yourself with these practical and stylish calling cards found on Etsy from jackandizzy (your best bet is to e-mail the shop owner for your custom order).

Consider it your solution for all those times you’ve wanted to arrange a play date or found the perfect parent to carpool with, but could not seem to find a scrap piece of paper or a pen to exchange contact information. Perhaps you can even say goodbye to your purse-digging days?

Even better, they come packed in a neat little tin, which will protect them from the harsh elements of whatever bag you happen to toss them in.

Also check out jackandizzy’s blog, which is full of creative ideas for dressing up the ordinary.

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