Did You Have a “Leap List” Before You Became a Parent?

Photography by Gizelle Rivera, via Flickr (CC)

We have to admit that we’d never heard the term “Leap List” until we stumbled upon it over at Strollerderby today. Stemming from a new Honda ad featuring a young couple talking about having children, the Leap List is essentially a bunch of things that you want to do before you make the “leap” to parenthood. For the couple in the commercial, that list includes things like going spelunking and seeing the Northern Lights. “Before you make your leap, make a list,” says the commercial’s narrator. And that got us to wondering: did you have a “Leap List” before you became a parent? What was on it?

If you didn’t have a Leap List before you entered the wild world of parenting, it’s never too late. We’re big fans of the 101 in 1001 list, which is a collection of 101 personal goals that you hope to achieve in the next 1,001 days. We think it’s a great task for little ones, too, as it teaches them to set goals and work towards them—whether it’s learning to tie their shoes this year, or memorizing their times tables. It might sound like a daunting task, but when you get the whole family working on it, you’ll reach 101 items before you know it. (And don’t worry—you don’t have to go spelunking unless you really, really want to.)

One response to “Did You Have a “Leap List” Before You Became a Parent?”

  1. Paula Schuck says:

    Not a true leap list technically. I did have a checklist in my head though of travel regions I wanted to visit prior to becoming a parent. So an unofficial list. I like the idea.

    Paula @inkscrblr