Guest Post: Getting Closer to Letting Go

Photo by me and the sysop, via Flickr (CC)

Guest Blogger Beck of Frog and Toad are Still Friends shares her struggle with deciding whether or not to send her not-so-excited daughter to camp.

My oldest child’s class—unlike my younger two, she goes to public school—went on a week-long winter adventure trip several hundred miles away this week, and my child was not interested in attending.

“That’s fine!” I said, cheerily (and I wasn’t feigning cheer, either—I really hadn’t wanted her to go.) “You can stay home and we’ll have adventures all week!”

And indeed we did, in that we all got dramatically sick this week. So we all caught up on our favorite cartoons (adventure!) and drank a lot of hot tea (adventure!) and none of my plans for skiing and visiting sled dogs and sledding and thermoses of hot chocolate in the cold snow came to fruition. Not one.

“At least I’m not at camp!” my daughter croaked. The thought of my child hundreds of miles away from home, feverish and sick and still so much a little girl is a nightmarish one and so yes, I’m glad she’s not at camp, too.

I have yet to hear how the school trip went—I bet it was fun—but I am so grateful that even unintentionally we made exactly the right decision for our kid. Keeping her home was the right thing to do, despite my angst about that very thing for two months before this week.

The time is coming quickly, though, when this would not have been the right decision, when choosing to keep her home, keep her safe will also be choosing not to let her grow, to not let her take risks and to refuse her fledgling skills. And I’m not ready for this yet, wanting still to have her small and safe and still and meanwhile there are huge adventures going on just outside, sled dogs and skiing and sliding and winter ending soon.


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