5 Reasons Why You Should (Continue to) Raid Your Kids’ Candy Stash

Candy is everywhere this time of year...but somehow none is more tempting than what our littles bring home Halloween night.


The good folks over at Psychology Today explain that eating candy not only improves your mood (no-brainer!) but also your health! Yes, you read that correctly.

Here’s what they claim:

1. People who regularly eat candy live longer than those who don’t.

2. A shot of sugar can restore your willpower.

3. Chewing gum can improve your mood, reduce stress, increase your mental focus and block pain.

4. Chocolate may decrease your risk of cardiovascular disease.

5. Cotton candy can help you grow new blood vessels.

Read the whole article here and thank us later. Of course, even if none of this is true at all, we might feel just slightly less guilty eating our wee one’s candy this year. A little. But not much.

Do you raid your kids’ candy bag at Halloween? 

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