9 Simple Ways to Exercise as a Family

Going to the gym every day can be hard for parents, but exercising with your kids can make the task easier and more fun for the whole family.

Getting regular exercise is not just important for parents but also for kids. Amidst our daily lives, we often forget to make time for our health and even if we do make the time, we are just too lazy to do it regularly.

Lack of physical exercise can lead to many problems in the body’s healthy functioning as well as our mental and emotional well-being. Exercise has been proven to be a mood booster which fights depression and anxiety. It also keeps our body’s metabolism up and helps in burning off the extra calories that we consume through our modern diet. Studies have proven that exercise can enhance mood in only a few minutes after starting as the brain releases different hormones and our body opens up to workout. It might be hard to go to the gym daily to work out and send kids to the park, but when both of these are combined, it makes the task of exercising not only easier but more fun. Here are some ways in which you can exercise together as a family.  

  1. Evening walks.

    Use the evening time to go on family walks before or after dinner instead of wasting it on TV or playing games. The activity can be made more exciting by incorporating a challenge into it like making it home with the most sweat or finding the most interesting thing on the excursion like a unique pebble or leaf. You can also take your dog along, and if you don’t have one, your neighbors will be happy to assist with that.

  2. Shake it off.

    Take the stress of the daily life off by cranking up the music and moving the living room furniture on the side. Call in your friends or neighbors and make it a weekly thing. To make things more fun, you can buy some torches or a small laser light box and really recreate the atmosphere. The kids can have turns flashing the torches all around like a disco ball.

  3. Turn chores into a challenge.

    Make a game out of household chores and errands with gifts being a yummy healthy snack like your kid’s favorite organic ice cream or raw chocolate. Challenge the little monsters with watering all the plants while you prepare breakfast and make them set the table with you. Afterwards, let one of them clear and clean the dishes with your partner (or friend!) while you and your other child packs the lunch and gets the car ready to leave. See which team wins! Do similar team challenges in raking the lawn fastest or playing tag by dusting the entire house under two hours. At the end, everyone can celebrate by going to the nearby lake for more fun games like playing catch or volleyball.

  4. Participate as a family in marathons for a cause.

    This will help you guys not only sweat it off but also form bonds as most of such events are long. You can catch up on all the things you’ve been missing out on in your kid’s life without them being distracted by the phone or the TV.

  5. Have a yard or garage washing session.

    Soap bubbles, water fights, and sunshine can be enjoyed by your whole family while washing the car, the garage, or the front yard. Along with the fun, you can also make use of your whole body by scrubbing, mopping or polishing.

  6. Painting the fence or whitewashing.

    Painting is another fun activity that can be done with slightly older kids aged 8 or above. Whitewashing the outdoor walls is a great idea as well.  Along with making you move, it will actually save the money of hiring a painter.

  7. Take trips that involve movement.

    Hiking, trekking, and camping are all exciting things to do that involve the entire body and they make an intense workout. The upside is that the entire family will get to learn new things about wildlife, plants, and different rock formations, and will learn some important survival skills as well.

  8. Invite their friends.

    When doing fun family activities you can up the excitement levels of your children by actually inviting their friends. This will make even the simplest things more fun for them and they will get to show off to their friends how cool their parents are. Invite friends for a camping night out or a sports day at the beach where there is less supervision needed than at a trekking excursion.

  9. Let them pick.

    When kids are allowed to choose their own favourite activity, they will be more committed to it. Let them pick and choose from some acceptable options which the entire family can do together like swimming, ice skating or indoor rock climbing.

By cleverly mixing up daily chores, outdoor activities, thrilling trips, creative challenges and inviting your kid’s friends, we as parents can make sure that our kids get their dose of daily exercise and workout along with a lot of fun and family bonding.

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