New Study Links Multivitamins and Birth Weight

According to a study published on Tuesday in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, women who take multivitamins during pregnancy are less likely to deliver babies with low birth weight.

Researchers from Mount Sinai Hospital found “a significant reduction in the risk oflow birth weight among infants born to women who received multimicronutrientsduring pregnancy compared with placebo or iron–folicacid supplementation. Translation? Iron and folic acid supplements alone are not enough.

While researchers admit that further study is required in order to answer some key questions, they did have a recommendation for the World Health Organization’s current policy on prenatal vitamins:

The current strategy recommendedby the World Health Organization of providing only iron–folicacid supplementation to pregnant women needs to be challengedin light of the evidence from our review. The education of womenof childbearing age on the importance of adequate nutritionfor the improvement of pregnancy outcomes should be a priority.Proper advice regarding the use of micronutrients and the eliminationof fears and myths regarding their use should be considered.

We know that proper nutrition is extremely important during pregnancy, but in order to support a growing fetus, women need to be conscious about their diets and the amount of vitamins that they’re getting every day. For more on this topic, check out:

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