No More Excuses: 20 Fitness Solutions for Moms

For every reason you might have not to work out, we have a solution

I’m always amazed at the number of moms who spend nearly 40 hours a week shuttling each kid to and from hockey but fail to make time for even one weekly workout for themselves.

Commitment to personal fitness has gotten so bad that the average woman is 
12 pounds heavier today than she was 
26 years ago. In an attempt to make adequate exercise levels more attainable, the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology has reduced the recommended adult aerobic guidelines for healthy living to just 
2.5 hours of moderate-intensity cardio a week (a brisk walk qualifies). If you engage in more vigorous activities like running or kickboxing, you only need 75 minutes of weekly exercise to be considered healthy. Still, just 15 percent of Canadian adults meet these requirements.

It’s time to stop making excuses. Whatever your reason for not working out, we have a solution. Read through our list and find out what’s keeping you from getting fit. Then make a commitment to do something about it and set a great example for your kids by being an active mom, not just one who sits on the sidelines.


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#1: “I don’t have time.”
#2: “It’s too expensive.”
#3: “I don’t know where to start.”
#4: “I don’t like exercise.”
#5: “I’m too tired.”
#6: “I’m not athletic.”
#7: ”I’m too athletic.”
#8: ”I’m not comfortable working out in public.”
#9: “I don’t need to do formalized exercise.”
#10: ”I pee every time I work out.”
#11: “I don’t like getting sweaty.”
#12: “I’m trying to get pregnant, and I worry that exercise could hurt my chances.”
#13: ”I’m pregnant.”
#14: ”I just had a baby.”
#15: ”I don’t like working out when I’m breastfeeding.”
#16: ”My baby gets separation anxiety.”
#17: ”I don’t know what to do with my kids when I work out.”
#18: ”I’m getting over an illness or injury.”
#19: ”I’ve hit a plateau and I’m getting discouraged.”
#20: ”I’m bored.”

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