One Way to Detect Breast Cancer Sooner

Every single week, 400 women across Canada are diagnosed with breast cancer. While regular mammograms play an essential role in lowering this astonishing number, self-examinations are equally as important. Which is why the Breastlight caught our eye. A UK-based company called PWB Health Ltd. created this little device, and though having a glowing boob might seem a little too sci-fi, it could actually be quite helpful.

The Breastlight is a handheld device that works by shining LED lights through your breast tissue, in order that you may see inside your breast and catch any irregularities early on. The best part about the Breastlight is that it can be used in your own home whenever you have a few moments. The Breastlight also comes with a built-in timer that lets you know how many days it’s been since you’ve last used it.

Take note: the Breastlight is not meant to replace clinical exams, but should instead be used as a part of your normal breast-checking routine. Be sure to speak to your doctor if you notice any irregularities at any time.

The Breastlight is available at Rexal and Pharma Plus for $150.

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