Napping Tips for Busy Moms

Napping Tips for Busy MomsHow do you get a much-needed nap when your baby or toddler is keeping you up at night? Ann Douglas, author of the bestselling The Mother of All Books series (John Wiley & Sons Canada), suggests asking a friend, family member or babysitter to watch your kids on a Saturday afternoon so you can just get three solid hours of sleep. “It’s not the same as nighttime sleep, but at least you know that you’ll get one of those wonderful blocks of sleep while you’re going through this crunch,” she says.

However, make sure your nap is a long one — if sleep-deprived parents nap for the wrong amount of time, they can feel worse, explains Douglas. Shoot for either a 20″“30 minute power nap or a 90-plus minute nap. A nap in the 40″“60 minute range is likely to leave you feeling rotten, not refreshed, since you risk waking up during your deepest sleep cycle.

Daylight Savings Time officially ends at 2 a.m. on November 2nd. Parents across the country (with the exception of Saskatchewan) celebrate an extra hour of sleep.

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