Is It Wrong for Schools to Enforce a One-Language-Only Policy?

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According to an article in the National Post, Quebec’s largest school district is soon to become a French-only zone. Apparently the new code of conduct, which will come into effect in September 2012, is the Commission scolaire de Montréal’s way of making sure that the board’s 110,000 students become fluent in the French language.

Diane De Courcy, the board’s chairwoman, spoke to the National Post about the new policy and how monitors will be put in place to keep track of the students’ language use. She says, “If [students] are automatically switching to another language, [the monitor] will gently tap them on the shoulder—not on the head—to tell them, ‘Remember, we speak French. It’s good for you.’ It will be enough to deliver a clear message that French must be spoken, and when we speak it often, we become very good at it.”

Do you think that creating a one-language-only environment the best way to ensure that children become fluent French speakers? Or do you think this rule is taking away too many of our children’s freedoms?

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