Looking For Balance

One Saturday morning not long ago, our two-year-old daughter burst into our room for a morning cuddle. I couldn’t help but laugh when she crawled into bed and demanded that Daddy wake up and make her breakfast. A very sweet “I love you Daddy” later and he was up and moving. I was instantly inspired to write a blog post about how much influence this little lady has over my husband. However, as I began typing on my phone, she grabbed my hand and squealed, “Come Mommy. Daddy making breakfast!” I realized that this funny little moment would still be living safely in my head in a few hours. There would be plenty of time to write the post while she was napping. There isn’t always plenty of time to make breakfast as a family.

Being a parent is all about balance. However, the landscapes in which we need to find it have changed. Today’s network thrives on the sharing of information. I often find myself carrying my smartphone around the house with me, making sure I am ready to capture everything, while trying not to miss anything. You have to know when to unplug and step away.

I am no saint when it comes to leading a simple life. I have a career in online marketing, social media and blogging. As a mother who works outside the home, the quality of the time with my family is incredibly important. I spend evenings with my daughter and husband, and my electronics remain in my study. I have no need for them until my daughter is in bed. There are exceptions, like posting an occasional cute photo to Instagram or a funny status update. However, blogging, networking or work from the office can wait a few hours while I play hide-and-seek with no interruptions.

It’s not always easy to maintain this balance, but it is something I feel is crucial for our children to observe. I can only imagine what the world of parenting will look like for them. I want them to know I am setting the right example.

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