Mom’s the Word: 8 Personal Experiences of Motherhood

Eight bloggers share their battles and celebrations from the front lines of motherhood.


Photography by Carlyle Routh

What does it mean to be a mom? The answers vary as much moms themselves. Here, eight bloggers put into words the challenges they’ve faced, the joys they’ve found and the self-awareness that has grown from their unique experiences of motherhood.

I am Not the Pinterest Perfect Mother
By Deanna Tousignant

My mother often tells me how lucky I am to be a stay-at-home mom in the digital age, reminding me of the isolation she felt as a homemaker 30-some years ago. She points out that I have online resources and communities to fall back on that she never even dreamed of… Read more

Lessons From My Daughter

By Wendy Morelli

From the time my daughter was four, we registered her in just about everything. There were the typical girl activities, such as ballet, jazz, figure skating, drama, piano, art and gymnastics… Read more

Mom Without a Mom
By Jeni Marinucci

Before I had children, I worried about the kind of mother I’d be. After talking to other moms, they assured me this was a common fear, and that I would draw on instinct and experience and everything would be fine… Read more

Losing Myself Within Family Walls 

By Gurpreet Randev,

What do you do when you live with extended family and you’re void of a voice within the household? You move out and become the queen of your own castle… Read more

Motherhood by the Numbers

  • 9.2 million The number of mothers in Canada (including biological, adoptive and stepmothers), according to the most recent information from Statistics Canada.
  • 421 minutes The average time that women spent per day with their family in 2010, up from 403 minutes in 1986.
  • 72.9 The percentage of mothers with children under 16 (living at home) who are employed, according to Statistics Canada. Is it any wonder we struggle with work-life balance?

Looking for Balance
By Crystal Wiltshire

One Saturday morning not long ago, our two-year-old daughter burst into our room for a morning cuddle. I couldn’t help but laugh when she crawled into bed and demanded that Daddy wake up and make her breakfast… Read more

My Past Has Shaped My Future

By Jody Arsenault

People like to say that time heals all wounds, but I’m not so sure. Time and distance might heal the pain, but for me, real change—moving forward—has had to come from within in order to get past the hurt and anger etched across my soul from my many years of being bullied… Read more

Too Much Information 
By Hailey Eisen

When my daughter was born three years ago, my self-confidence wasn’t at an all-time high. In fact, I was kind of a wreck. I was the first of my friends to have a baby, and I believed I had no idea what I was doing… Read more

Full Speed Ahead

By Deborah Lowther

Everyone is busy these days. Our kids certainly are. Then again, we raised them that way, and I’m glad we did… Read more

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