Must-Haves for Moms this Fall

What's on-trend and what's tried-and-true this season—for expecting, new and experienced mothers

The author and her kids


Back to school was a crazy time in my household, as I’m sure it was for many others. I can’t believe that Johannes just started Grade 1, while Magnus headed back to Montessori for another year. And while trying to get the two older boys ready for school I was also shuttling around my little guy, Henrik, who’s almost six months old. Where did the time go!? Just the other day Johannes decided I needed a lecture on what an “emoji” was. Because mom’s don’t really know about that stuff, he told me.

Fall is always be an expensive time of year—with the need for new coats, shoes, bags and the like. And that’s just for the kids! But I like to buy for myself, too. I favour fall shopping especially when it comes to clothes, and not just because the heavier threads tend to work better with my mom-bod. On the other hand, style may be one of the furthest things from your mind if you’ve just welcomed a little one. So with that in mind, here are my current favourite things for moms at every stage in life.


Registering can be overwhelming, but the most important items for me included a great breast pump (Medela products are well loved in my house), as well as cute muslin swaddle blankets: You can never have too many and Little Unicorn has the sweetest prints. And a solid baby carrier! Your baby might live attached to you for a good little while at first, and having free hands is a must. I personally loved my Solly Baby wrap for the first few months with Henrik. To stay both comfy and stylish, I suggest Community Foxhall Pants from Aritzia. I lived in mine both before and after pregnancy.


Every parent needs a great stroller. You’ll likely use yours every day for several years, so investing in one that is both functional (it has a smooth ride, is easy to navigate and transport) and stylish can make a significant difference. We’ve been a dedicated Bugaboo family for seven years now, and I really can’t imagine better strollers. I’m obsessed with their latest limited edition, the Bugaboo Atelier Collection. It’s inspired by French fashion, but is also perfect for Canadian winters thanks to the impressive richness of the new stone mélange fabric, hand-stitched faux leather accents and quilted black-seat liner.

No doubt the first few months of motherhood can be a bit of a whirlwind, and with unpredictable fall and winter weather you may find yourself not wanting to leave the house. Here’s a tip from a friend of mine (which I thankfully heeded): Stock up on take-out menus from favourite restaurants, and don’t be afraid to make use of services like Uber Eats. No one’s going to judge you for not cooking dinner every night. With my third son’s birth especially we survived on take-out for a good couple of months.


Flat boots are my personal must-have. They’re so versatile, but also comfortable for running after kids. I’m also obsessed with the Adidas Boost running shoes. They’re amazing and incredibly comfortable. A great oversized denim jacket as well as a Vince black leather jacket are my autumn outerwear staples. I interchange them during throughout the season and they both look great paired with Sundry black leggings which are part of my daily uniform. And Rails button-down plaid shirts; I don’t think they ever go out of style.


Ana Maria Kliz is a mom influencer and lifestyle blogger. She’s regularly sharing her life moments with her husband and three young sons, along with her favourite things, at and on Instagram @bluebirdkisses.

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