10 Ways to Reduce Stress Over the Holidays

Family gatherings, endless errands and the pressure to get the "perfect gift" can lead to high levels of stress, anxiety and even depression over the holidays. Here are 10 tips from experts and our readers that will help you calm down and get into the holiday spirit

Shopping malls, traffic, the weather, distant relativesthere are no shortage of occurrences that can cause even the calmest person’s stress levels to rise at this time of year.

According to the Bank of Montreal’s Holiday Spending Outlook, Canadians plan on spending roughly 12 per cent more in 2013, than last year. Add financial burdens to your list and you surely have a recipe for distress. But, have no fear – there is a silver lining to this festive cloud. Take a deep breath, kick up your feet and read some helpful tips from experts and fellow readers on the best ways to reduce stress this holiday season.

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