5 Apps to Keep Your Family Organized

These five apps are great starting points to keep your family organized and ready to tackle the workweek.  


Finding an organizational system that works for your family can be a full-time job. Everyone could use a little more organization in their life, but few know where or how to begin. 



Are sticky notes taking over your office? Asana is the perfect app to consolidate your to-do lists into one central place. You can set up to-do lists for personal projects, home projects, work assignments, and more.

You can use Asana to share a running list of grocery items and share the list with your spouse so you can each add and edit from any device. If you have older kids with their own devices, they might want to keep a to-list of upcoming assignments and due dates.

Asana makes it easy to keep everyone’s schedules and errands organized in one location so you can finally rid yourself of the sticky notes invading every nook and cranny of your home and work environment.



iHomework is perfect for students of all ages, whether you have kids in grade school or you’re engaging in graduate studies on your own. For older kids who carry their devices to school, they can add upcoming assignments, due dates, and important reminders. They can even share these with others including their classmates or their parents. This app keeps a running list of reminders for you so you don’t forget a thing, and will send you a notification as due dates approach if you choose.

iHomework also provides you the option to add each teacher to the app. This enables students to keep important contact information such as emails and phone numbers handy in one central location.

Great Clips


For parents of children with short hair, finding time to squeeze in a haircut every two to three weeks can be a significant challenge. It can be difficult to plan ahead and the alternative is to wait in the salon reception area for the next available walk-in appointment. With the Great Clips app, you no longer have to choose between waiting for an appointment and taking your chances with the wait in reception.

When you open the Great Clips app, it will automatically identify your current location and populate the screen with all of the Great Clips Salons in your general area. You can zoom in or zoom out to widen or narrow the scope.

Each location will also provide an estimated wait time per salon. You might see that your favorite location has an 18-minute wait, while another salon down the road has no wait at all. If you would rather wait for a preferred salon, you can check in from home using your first and last name and phone number and walk through the door 18 minutes later having wasted no time at all! With over hundreds of salons nationwide, it is easy for find a salon near you that will meet your family’s needs.

Chore Monster


This app is so fun for the little ones in your household. It’s the perfect app to introduce your kids to the idea of chores and increased responsibility in the family. Parents are able to set up each child’s account through the parent app called Mothrship. After registering their child, the app will populate with options for age-appropriate chores for each child according to the birth date(s) you entered. You can choose one of their options or simply create your own.

For each chore, parents also assign a point value, which their kids can use to earn a reward. Rewards are set up and chosen by parents either through the app’s suggestions or rewards you decide on as a family. The reward could be monetary or an experience they would enjoy, such as a movie or computer game.

The kids love that they are working towards something tangible and parents have the flexibility to ensure the app aligns with their family values around chores. It’s win-win for everyone!

Best Budget


Maintaining the family budget is incredibly important, especially with the current state of the economy. Best Budget is an easy-to-use tool to keep you on track.  

You can use the app to set up various budgets for your household including: groceries, clothing, toiletries, entertainment, and miscellaneous expenses. For each budget you create, you are able to set a maximum amount, and add each expense to the assigned budget throughout the month. The app will automatically calculate how much is remaining in each budget and will warn you when you’ve gone over budget by highlighting in red.

Tiffany Austin is a mom, a wife, writer, and educator living in Canada. Tired of never feeling “good enough” as a new mom, she began a blog to encourage other moms to feel confident and empowered in their own decisions. Her blog, The Good Enuf Mommy, includes everything from helpful parenting advice to product recommendations aimed at making the lives of moms just a little bit easier.

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