Conquer the Fitted Sheet and Other Irritating Jobs in 2011

Image courtesy of lego via flicr (CC).

I’ve vowed that this will be the year I start tackling small household tasks as they turn up, rather than turning a blind eye until they pile up in a massive heap that takes an entire (angry) weekend to plough through. You know the ones I mean: handling and filing bills and statements as soon as they arrive, wiping down the bathroom sink and mirror more often and downloading pictures to be printed on a regular basis.

But when I thought about those niggling tasks, I realized I needed to make it easier on myself. What I hated about the bills was the fact that I never knew where to put them after dealing with them. When it came to the bathroom, I was simply too lazy to tromp all the way to the laundry room to retrieve the cleaning supplies. And the process of burning images to a CD or USB key and then trudging out to photo place to get them printed seemed too arduous to turn into a regular habit.

So here’s what I did: I bought attractive baskets (that I labelled) to temporarily hold bills as well as some accordion files that would act as longer-term storage. I assembled a mini bathroom kit with a microfiber cloth and a vinegar spritzer to keep under my bathroom sink. And I got wise to a photo uploading site that lets me order my prints and then sends me an email once they’re ready for pick-up (conveniently, at the same place where I do my weekly groceries).

I know these aren’t revolutionary ideas, but they’re definitely getting me out of my sloppy rut. Next up, mastering the art of folding a fitted sheet courtesy of the Globe and Mail!

—Christina, CF‘s managing editor

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